[SOLVED] Supermicro cannot connect to VGA video port or iKVM

Error Message:

iKVM doesn't support add-on VGA device. 
Please change the D-SUB connector to Add-on VGA device…


  1. Go HERE and download Supermicro IPMI Utilities and install on your own PC
  2. Connect your server to the network (NOTICE: YOU MAY HAVE MORE THAN ONE NETWORK PORT, AND IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHICH PORT SHOULD CONNECT TO THE NET, CONNECT THOSE ALL), power on and press "DEL" during startup until that error message come out
  3. There will be an IP showing on screen, keep it in your mind
  4. Go to your own PC, enter that IP on your web browser, if  you see a webpage below, go to next
  5. You may log in and change default username and password. The default username and password are both "ADMIN"
  6. Run IPMIView (downloaded at STEP 1). If you are using Windows, it's easy, and go to next step. In my PC (Ubuntu), you can just type:
        tar xvaf IPMIView_2.13.0_build.170504_bundleJRE_Linux_x64.tar.xz
        cd IPMIView_2.13.0_build.170504_bundleJRE_Linux_x64
  7. Click "Add a new system" icon at upper left and put in IP address obtained at STEP 3
  8. Click "New System1" at left, type Login ID and Password which is the web username and password mentioned at STEP 5

  9. Choose Text Console below, click "START"
  10. Press left and right arrow several times, and you may see BIOS.
    Modify Advanced -> Chipset -> PCI-E -> VNC and change it to "onboard".
    Then save and reboot, there you go!
  11. Go to the website in STEP 5, then log in, and
    Remote Control -> iKVM/HTML5 -> iKVM/HTML5, and you are able to login with default password given by who sold you the server.